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Trelleborg / The world of Trelleborg.

With a corporate group of five different business areas that offer a wide range of different polymer-based solutions it can be challenging to get a picture of what it is Trelleborg do and why it matters.

Together with Trelleborg, we developed an online showroom to let external, as well as internal, stakeholders experience Trelleborg’s solutions in a new exciting way. Through an interactive journey that takes you from outer space all the way to the bottom of the ocean, you will see how Trelleborgs engineered solutions play a key role in making critical applications work flawlessly in extreme environments.


Introduction to the Trelleborg showroom:


Awarded 1st price in the Digital Communication Awards 2014 for outstanding accomplishment in the field of digital communications and PR, in the B2B category.


To visit the showroom click here.