Swedbank / The Economy Check.

We know that the economy affects us in different ways but it is not always easy to know how, and what we can do about it. During the aftermath of America’s financial crisis many were concerned over their private economy - “How does the state bank’s lowering of the interest rate influence me?”, “What impact does the financial crisis have on me and my family?”, “Is it the right time to invest in stocks?”…

Traditionally, banks sell and wait for you to buy. Swedbank decided to do the opposite by giving you advice on what you should and should not do - for your sake, not for the sake of the bank. What bank’s should do, but seem to forget.

The advisory service was given a name, The Economy Check, and with this service Swedbank could help you improve your economy by giving you advice based on your specific situation and needs.

  • 550 000 customers visited The Economy Check on Swedbank’s site.
  • 9000 booked a meeting.
  • 50% of these customers were hard-to-get high-income customers.  
  • The meetings were twice as profitable than regular meetings.


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